Custom made Reflect 0.05 Pointer Moissanite Bracelet by Solitairz Affair


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Net Weight of Jewellery:- 16 gms(+-5% Variation)
Gold Purity:- 750
Moissanite Weight:- 6.60 Ct
Moissanite Amount Inc. in Price:- $1188

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Gold (18K) 16gm FG VVS-VS (110 Nos.) Moissanite
6.60 ct


Moissanite is a new category of gemstones with fire, brilliance, and luster more than any other stone in the world, including diamonds! Discovered from meteorites, each Moissanite stone is cut to attain perfection. Primarily composed of carbon and silica, it has an incredible hardness of 9.25 just next to diamonds. This would never let it scratch or become cloudy with wear or dull with time.

Moissanites are guaranteed to never lose their optical properties. They are such a close match to diamonds that only an expert diamond eye can tell the difference from diamonds ? NO ONE ELSE. Moreover, Jewelleryable Moissanite Solitaires cost about 1/10th the cost of Natural diamonds.